Scott House, Enfield

Lawtech was engaged as Principal Contractor by Enfield Council to undertake a substantial refurbishment project at Scott House in Edmonton, known locally as “The Orange Tower” using significant Energy Efficiency funding made available by British Gas.

The Scope of Works to improve the block’s 101 units included:

  • 2,500m2 External Wall Insulation (EWI)
  • an insulated flat roof
  • a feed from a new district heating system
  • replacement ‘A’ rated double glazing
  • new entrance door system
  • internal redecoration
  • asbestos clearance

Lawtech appointed an architect to help Enfield Homes design a solution that would meet their objectives, comply with local Planning and appeal to residents.

Scott House was originally of concrete solid wall construction. Lawtech’s application of Rockwall Rockshield EWI delivered complete waterproofing and thermal cladding to the block, achieving a U-Value 0.30W/(m2K).

The tower had previously relied upon electric storage heating. Lawtech replaced it with a comprehensive M&E solution. Central boiler houses were built on the newly re-lined roof. The district heating system now supplies each of the 101 flats with 53kW instant DHW Supply and 19kW heating. The independent units have M-Bus ultrasonic metering for individual tenant control. The residents now have greater thermal comfort and reduced energy bills.

An advanced Langley insulated flat roof system was selected to suit the new heating system and improve the existing roof lining. The replacement roof delivered waterproofing, strength and additional thermal benefits.

Lawtech’s programme at Scott House included replacement windows to the 101 flats and all communal areas. Given the proximity of Scott House to the busy North Circular Road, the existing single-glazed windows at Scott House were very unpopular with residents, leading to the specification of replacement triple glazing. Lawtech commissioned tests to compare the thermal and acoustic benefits of triple-glazing with secondary glazing. It was concluded that triple-glazing offered no benefit over the significantly less expensive secondary glazing. We advised the client accordingly and our recommendations were implemented.

With both internal and external work streams to be programmed, the window package was critical to the overall sequence of operations at Scott House. In order to optimise our use of resources and minimise inconvenience to residents, Lawtech worked on the block from the top down, enabling us to combine and sequence works most efficiently. Heating upgrades were programmed to follow immediately after the window installations, with first and second fix elements co-ordinated to combine access visits wherever possible. Our drive for Zero Defects saw works signed off promptly, stage-by-stage to eliminate the need to return to complete snagging.

Residents benefited from less disruption inside their properties and from the scaffolding being in situ for a shorter duration. The client benefited from a closely controlled budget for access operations. Lawtech worked on two elevations of Scott House concurrently rather than four – both internally and externally. Two flats out of the four on each floor were worked on at a time. This kept the number of tradespeople present at manageable levels; access routes and communal areas were not dominated by the presence of operatives or movements of materials.

Lawtech also replaced the Scott House entrance door system. Our team engineered a secure-by-design replacement solution and worked with local electrical contractors to complete the installation, which was overseen by our own Design & Quality Manager. Internal redecoration and improvements applied the finishing touches to the transformation of Scott House which remained fully occupied throughout the works.

Lawtech’s Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) took great care to understand the support needs not only of vulnerable individuals on the official Risk Register but also those whose personal circumstances could potentially have delayed us gaining access to their properties.

The successful delivery of the Scott House project led to Lawtech being awarded a further six blocks of the same design and scope. The key factor in the client’s decision was the performance of our RLO who was instrumental in securing a 100% Resident Satisfaction KPI score.