Monmouth Close, Croydon

In June 2015 Lawtech Group started the pilot phase of MOAT Homes investment in a multiyear regeneration of the Pollards Hill Estate, north of Croydon.

The pilot phase consisted of 30 units. The specialist structure of these units had Wimpy No Fines concrete gable elevations and timber frame infill. The requirement to upgrade the thermal performance of the roofs and the walls as well as cyclical glazing replacements proved to be a technically intense project.

The full scope of works included;

  • Balcony Repairs, Balustrades & Privacy Screens
  • Langley TA20 Insulated Flat Roof Installation
  • Full A Rated Double Glazing Replacements
  • 1,500m2 of Weber therm XM, EPS Insulated Render System
  • Painted Decoration of Garage Doors
  • IRS Satellite Install

Special structural surveys and consideration needed to be made for both the roofing and cladding works with the original substructure requiring inspection and in some instances a new façade applied to the substructure before applying the Insulation.

The terrace nature of the sites town houses and range of freehold properties meant that not all properties within the estate would receive the full refurbishment. MOAT chose to offer free roofing works private properties and asked the contractor to provide an “opt-in” option for window and cladding works along with a domestic contract and financing offer. This option allowed residents to benefit from the economies of scales provided by the works being done on MOAT homes properties. Over 10% of private measures offered where taken up.

The properties remained occupied throughout. Our onsite RLO (Resident Liaison Officer) and customer Care team initiated a range of community activities in fitting with the community regeneration spirit set by the clients “love pollards” brand.

As well as supporting community fun days and educational forums and improvements to the estates resident committee, we supplied and funded several wellness clinic days. These health screenings, provided by medical partners Nuffield health, have proved to be popular in areas of deprivation where health issues may be in existence from living in non-traditional built homes. Health & Safety Educational talks took place and our Health & Safety Poster competition took place. Winning entrants won Toys’R’Us vouchers and had their signs placed around the site next to regulatory Health & Safety signs.