Holly Park, Islington

Holly Park is a unique External Wall Insulation (EWI) scheme that balances the need for energy efficiency with restrictive planning requirements.

Islington Borough Council faced a dilemma over the proposal to externally insulate 269 flats at Holly Park. The London Red Brick Estate is deemed a heritage site by the local Planning office; however, they were also open to the concept of energy efficiency. Lengthy consultation between energy consultants, architects and Islington BC resulted in a bespoke design.

Lawtech was engaged to resolve the technical issues and deliver the scheme as Principal Contractor. Our solution used Weber EWI in Brick Slip, Brick Effect, Silicone Render and Ashlar finishes.

Lawtech also applied InstaBead Cavity Wall Insulation to 623 cavities at a neighbouring estate within the overall project scope.

Delivered under the Energy Company Obligation, the main objective of the project was to deliver carbon savings and reduce residents’ energy bills. The carbon saved across the estate equates to approximately 5,000 tonnes of lifetime CO2.

Holly Park is a prime example of a great design and build project with unique finishes that could be replicated across much of London’s Solid Wall brick stock.