Borough Wide Refurbishment, Southwark

Southwark Council appointed Lawtech as Principal Contractor to roll out an Energy Efficiency programme across six residential sites borough-wide. We secured £16 million of British Gas ECO funding for the scheme which encompassed some 1200 dwellings in over 40 multi-tenure low and high-rise blocks.

The Scope of Works included:

  • Replacement of roofing to provide 21,000m2 energy-efficient flat roofing
  • Replacement windows to 685 dwellings
  • Communal decoration and repairs
  • Repairs and replacements to fascia, soffits and gutters
  • Works to outbuildings and garage areas
  • Electrical works (both within a residents property and communally)
  • Heating works
  • Front entrance door replacement
  • Solar Panels (PV), 1,440 panels with a generating capacity of 350kW
  • Integrated Reception System
  • Insulation work – including 60,000m2 External Wall Insulation (EWI), CWI and loft insulation
  • Environmental improvements, including pavements
  • Boundary wall and fencing, including brick work repairs and repointing
  • Structural remedial repairs

We refurbished a disused doctor’s surgery at the estate for use as our main Site Office which we redeveloped as two ‘hidden homes’ for the client at the end of the contract.

Lawtech’s own experienced workforce completed the EWI, CWI and glazing, with InstaBead installed by our own CIGA and BBA-approved team. The project achieved a U-Value of 0.3W/(m2K) and refreshed the estate aesthetically.

The glazing replacement Programme ran smoothly, with 7535 windows installed to 685 properties at the Four Squares site alone, averaging 35 properties per week.

We developed dynamic and collaborative partnerships with local specialist contractors for the installation of the new insulated flat roofs.

The success of the project depended upon a detailed rolling programme of planning applications, energy assessments and installations. Lawtech maintained close contact with all key stakeholders. Our Design & Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental, Technical, Commercial , Energy and Project Management teams liaised with the client’s consultant surveyors, investment team and local Planning Office and Building Control to ensure transparency at all times and at all levels.

Resident Satisfaction scores  exceeded 96% on the contract.

Many of the 1930s-built blocks were in a poor state of repair. Lawtech’s Site Survey identified issues that could potentially delay our Programme, giving us the opportunity to ‘design out’ the risk. For example, the roofing system had to be installed in anticipation of the subsequent addition of Solar PV panels, but PV fixing brackets are designed to be installed prior to roof coverings. We therefore designed in the ability to seal and waterproof the system around the brackets retrospectively. This bespoke detailing was approved by the roofing manufacturer, IKO.