Lawtech Pallet Donation to the Fire Service

Lawtech operate under as ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Our culture towards waste management is in built to our operations.

One of our principles to Waste Management is the 3 R’s. Reduce, Recycle & Re-Use.

A fine example of these principles took place recently in Stockport. The site had become subject to an excess of wooden pallets which becomes a risk item. The cost of disposing of circa 170+ pallets is significant at approximately £2,000 in skip charges.

The Site team and Project Managers arranged for the pallets to be donated to Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Services Training & Development Centre. The pallets generated a cost saving to the fire brigade. Breathing Apparatus Training is a core skill and the pallets were burned to generate a realistic scenario for the Operational Training of the fire screws throughout the brigade.

We call for our Project Managers to follow this example, thinking outside of the box and looking proactively at solutions for removing waste from site.

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