Lawtech Joins RoSPA

“It’s a very sobering feeling to be up in space and realise that one’s safety factor was determined by the lowest bidder on a government contract.”  -  Alan Shepard, first American in space


Whilst we have yet to complete our first project in space, Lawtech is determined that our mission to offer economic advantages to our clients in no way compromises our excellent safety record. 


As part of our commitment to safe working practices and ongoing safety training, we are pleased to announce our new membership of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). 


RoSPA has been working to save lives and reduce injuries for over 90 years.  Its proud history of effecting change includes:

  • 1953 – The industrial safety officers section of the society became an independent body called The Institution of Industrial Safety Officers. It is now better known as IOSH
  • 1975 – RoSPA and the Safety Glazing Association made joint efforts to improve controls on glass in the home. Improved standards subsequently reduced the number of falls through glass doors and windows which led to serious injury.
  • 2009 – The Safe At Home scheme was established to fit safety equipment into homes in the 141 most deprived wards in England.


The Society’s interest in safety-related decision-making ranges from the most personal of responsibilities, such as wearing a cycling helmet, to influencing top-level Health and Safety leadership by promoting legislative changes that touch the lives of everyone in the UK, as shown in their successful campaign for the compulsory wearing of seatbelts.


Lawtech’s approach to Site Safety is similarly comprehensive; we recognise the importance of scrutinising the detail as well as the headlines.  On site, we encourage the open and honest reporting of ‘near misses’ as a vital contribution to the development of effective preventative measures. 


Jeff Franklin, our Head of Health, Safety and Environmental Management, is delighted that Lawtech is now affiliated with RoSPA and commented, “Lawtech’s RoSPA membership is a natural progression in our drive for continuous improvement; our own ethos is well aligned with the Society’s Vision.  Ultimately, the actions of the individual are paramount in preventing accidents and injuries.  Having access to RoSPA’s high quality training and informed advice can only enhance the quality of our collective and personal decision-making.”


Working on occupied buildings in diverse urban communities across a range of construction disciplines presents new - and sometimes surprising - Health and Safety challenges for Lawtech on every project.  The RoSPA Members’ Helpline will be a valuable additional management resource.  We look forward to sharing their experience of almost a century of improving safety for everyone living and working in the UK.

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