While breathing life into old housing stock through retrofit and refurbishment offers a wealth of benefits from energy efficiency savings to improved living standards for residents, it’s important to turn to a reputable and experienced contractor who is able to drive the practicalities of design and ensure the right retrofit is carried out for a particular project. The Lawtech Group is a Principal Contractor with unrivalled experience in estate regeneration, taking refurbishment projects from concept to delivery with exceptional quality and value for money.

For a company that began life as a specialist in cladding and insulation, the Lawtech Group now offers a comprehensive range of services across construction, specialist facades, glazing and renewables which has seen it become one of the leading contractors in the UK, delivering multi-million regeneration contracts across all building types from houses to high-rise towers, civic and commercial spaces.

With the Government continually challenging the social housing sector to provide ever greater standards of comfort and energy efficiency for residents, Lawtech has drawn on its industry-recognised expertise to transform and improve the quality of life of residents in some of the most run down estates in the UK.

Having recently completed refurbishments of more than 300 homes across Greenwich and Redbridge in London, Lawtech prides itself on retrofits completed within budget and to the highest standards, taking it to a level beyond a set of regulations.

David Smith, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Lawtech, commented: “Lawtech has the experience and flexibility to be responsive to both our clients and their residents. We believe decent homes should be exactly that, not just refurbishing homes to a regulation, a minimum standard, but to a ‘decent home’ that you would be happy living in.”

While the key to any retrofit is forming a partnership with the key stakeholders, engaging residents in regeneration decisions is crucial and has resulted in the successful refurbishment of a number of social housing projects.

“If you engage with residents and they like what is being done then they will be more likely to look after it after the refurbishment works have been carried out,” added David Smith.

Keeping residents informed will also help with the smooth running of the project. Pilot phases on estates carried out by Lawtech has allowed other residents to see what can be achieved prior to roll out.

Ultimately, Lawtech’s approach is to provide a first-rate service and customer interaction. The company’s skilled team of designers, surveyors, and energy specialists regularly assist clients to maximise regeneration opportunities, offering advice and practical assistance for planning, funding, product specification and lifecycle costs.

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