Customer Charter

Our Customer Care team safeguard the interests of residents throughout every project, engaging with communities before, during and after the construction works.  They will:

  • Provide advance Consultation events and regular Drop-In sessions at a convenient local venue, partnering with local Residents Associations to explain the plans and address queries or concerns
  • Present resident requests to Lawtech’s Project Management team for integration into our site arrangements wherever possible
  • Organise Open Days for residents to meet our team, view product finish options and mock-up and receive progress updates
  • Conduct Pre-Commencement Surveys in every property, taking time to understand personal circumstances and the support needs of vulnerable residents
  • Work with our Construction team to implement individually-tailored measures to minimise disruption; e.g. for nightworkers or the elderly
  • Ensure that all site personnel are DBS-checked as necessary, carry photo-identification badges and wear uniquely-numbered hi-vis
  • Provide informative literature about the site and our safety measures and the operation, maintenance and benefits of newly-installed features (available in multiple languages and Braille)
  • Respond to our 24/7 Customer Care and Emergency Freephone hotlines
  • Administrate our 3-stage complaints process, keeping residents fully informed throughout, within agreed timescales
  • Organise events and activities that respond to the unique needs of your community, including educational,
  • Oversee the Defects Liability Period, providing a consistent point-of-contact for residents

When arriving at your home we will …

  • Drive and park courteously.
  • Introduce ourselves clearly.
  • Provide an individual Identification Badge.
  • Explain the purpose of the visit and the works to be completed.
  • Be polite and helpful.
  • Treat you and your home with respect.
  • Work in a safe manner.
  • Clear and remove waste or make collection arrangements.


When you are talking to Lawtech on the phone we will …

  • Be polite and helpful and treat you with respect.
  • Listen carefully in order to understand and be able to respond.
  • Give you an action plan or full explanation.
  • Ensure all messages taken are acted on.

Customers are at the heart of all Lawtech Group site management decisions.

Our Customer Charter

Our customer charter is a commitment to you and your residents, our transparency ensures we maintain your reputation.

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