Structural Repairs

Concrete Repairs

Reinforced concrete has always been susceptible to decay, whether for built-in, electrochemical or environmental reasons.  Concrete repairs are a mainstay of Lawtech Group’s Specialist Facades division.  We are experts in the repair, protection and aesthetic improvement of concrete structures, fully endorsed and accredited by all major UK concrete repair systems manufacturers.

Lawtech’s operatives are skilled in a diverse array of repair methods – traditional, spray or electrochemical realkalisation and desalination.  Our concrete repairs team work closely with their External and Internal Wall Insulation and Cladding colleagues to provide an integrated service for clients.  Traditional reinforced concrete tower blocks, for example, often require surface treatments before a cladding system can be installed.

Our experienced Survey team will prepare a full report detailing the extent and cause of the damage to your building and recommend the best method of repair with a detailed Specification and Budget Costing.

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