Upwell Road, Luton

Contract Type:  Residential Refurbishment

Client:  Wates Living Space  on behalf of Luton Borough Council

U-Value achieved:  0.29W/(m2K)

Luton Borough Council engaged Wates Living Space to address problems with 48 properties of Orlit construction at Upwell Road on the northern side of Luton Airport.  The solid wall houses were suffering from mild damp penetration and tenants were paying high energy bills to maintain a comfortable level of warmth.  Wates contracted Lawtech to deliver CESP-funded improvements with a U-Value below 0.3.

The properties at Upwell Road were well-suited to the application of External Wall Insulation onto the original substrate.  The STO Vario Robust Refurbishment System was selected.  Unlike the traditional method of application with an adhesive mortar and mechanical fixing, STO introduced a turbo-fix adhesive mortar which is sprayed to the rear of the insulation board.  The boards are also pre-cut with a tongue-and-groove style edging, significantly speeding up the boarding process.  The insulation was finished with a through-colour silicone render. The total coverage applied at Upwell Road was 4,500 m2.

Both the Client and the tenants were impressed by the rate of progress along the street.  One satisfied resident commented that the final finish presented “an image familiar with new build properties”.


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