St. John Street, Farringdon

Contract Type:  Residential New Build

Client:  Allenbuild Ltd

Allenbuild Ltd appointed Lawtech to install External Wall Insulation (EWI) for their mixed-use development of the site of the former Hugh Myddelton School.  The scheme consisted of 32 dwellings for rent and shared ownership, commercial space and basement cycle storage. 

Lawtech’s primary remit was to supply and fix Wetherby’s Epsitec EWI system comprising 110mm phenolic insulation and silicone ‘K’ 1.5mm textured finish, applied to SFS sheathed in 12mm cement particle board.

Below the Damp Proof Course we installed 120mm extruded polystyrene insulation board with the Wetherby system.  The sheer walls of the stair tower saw the application of Wetherby EWI including 220mm expanded polystyrene.

Lawtech completed the entire façade for the scheme.  The finishes used were:

  • ALUMINIUM TRAY PANEL SYSTEM - This is a drained and back-ventilated rainscreen façade. Air pressure in the cavity behind the panels generally equalises with pressure outside so that wind-driven rain tends not to enter the cavity.  Any small quantity which does enter the cavity drains down the back of the panels and exits in a managed fashion at the base of the façade.
  • ARGETON TERRACOTTA RAINSCREEN CLADDING - This system can be used in both new build and refurbishment, either in traditional rainscreen form installed to concrete or blockwork substrates or as part of a unitised curtain wall or composite panel construction.
  • SIBERIAN LARCH TIMBER CLADDING - This system was installed onto rails lapped to form the façade, using certified sustainable timber.


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