Bilson Street, Isle of Dogs

Contract Type:  Residential Refurbishment

Client:  East End Homes

Value:  £240,000

Orlit House Type Construction properties have often for anyone wanting to buy it is very difficult to get hold of mortgages because of the construction type. These post war homes are generally not structurally sound because of chloride based admixtures that were used in the cement during construction. Also the presence of high alumina cement (HAC)which, under certain conditions, is known to actively promote corrosion of the steel reinforcement, not ideal in a steel reinforced concrete building.

As a result of this much debate and consideration was given to the best way we could warm up the homes for the residents while also giving the houses a bit more stability without doing majorly intrusive works, with minimal impact on the residents.

The works included the use of Structherm structural insulated facades. Structherm is different to typical EWI systems on the basis that instead of just providing insulation and an external finish, the structherm insulation is built within in metal cages that aim to give some structural stability to buildings that have movement or issues. For  the Orlit Houses, their engineer recommended the product so that they could achieve warmer homes and improvements for their residents, whilst also extending the life span of the housing.

Due to the thickness of the product, the existing roof finish would not cover the tops of the walls. We had therefore increased the footprint of each building by increasing the thickness of the external walls by nearly 270mm and extending the roof, and installing a new tapered insulation roof system to minimise the risk of pooling, whilst improving the buildings thermal comfort.. 

The fascia’s and soffits were replaced to finish the properties and in addition incorporated hidden guttering to the rear of the houses where the taper drew the water to. Having the guttering hidden meant that there was less requirement for cleaning and maintenance on East End Homes and the resident and it would also stop any blockages or leaves falling etc. through the winter months.

We designed and had custom cills manufactured that could slip in under the windows and give a uniform finish to each of the houses. It was especially important to make sure that the cills would look the same even if they were retro fitted, to match the street.



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