community development

A significant proportion of Lawtech Group’s retrofit and refurbishment work is carried out in some of the most deprived and socially disadvantaged areas of the UK.  We are focused on improving the lives of people living in those communities through our long-standing programme of employment, training, educational and wellbeing initiatives.

Life Skills Workshops provided by Lawtech previously have included CV Writing Skills, First Aid and Basic DIY.  We also support existing Local Authority initiatives, particularly in relation to Energy Efficiency education, through practical assistance and sponsorships.

Enterprising residents at two major urban projects were helped by our Resident Liaison team to start up sandwich services which catered for our site teams.

Lawtech’s recruitment targets local people, both through online advertising with universal access and via specialist schemes that aim to get individuals with physical or social disadvantages back into work.

We regularly provide free key health checks at mobile clinics which visit our sites to target communities and individuals who may not otherwise seek screening.

Our Customer Care team will be delighted to discuss potential schemes to suit your residents.

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